For the last two years we have noticed that our sandstone including a 100mm concrete slab was being lifted by tree roots close to the pool’s edge. I was worried that we we would ultimately end up with a cracked pool. Fixing a cracked pool would have been unthinkable so I decided that we need to do something about this, remove the trees, fix the concrete slab and replace the sandstone. It would also be a good time to put in a pier.

A very green pool. It was covered to preserve water during the worst drought for Cape Town in a 100 years. The broken sandstone and raised concrete slab very visible here

This was done during August 2018, a typical rainy month in Cape Town, South Africa. We lost a few days due to rain. I used Adriaan Koch builders for the project. I have know Adriaan for a few years now and his work and overall quality is just  outstanding. The pier mounting bracket was made by Cape Town CNC. I have also used them a few times for CNC work and again their quality is outstanding.

The smaller disk is cut from 20mm aircraft grade aluminium and the bigger disks cut from 12mm aircraft grade aluminium.
All put together with stainless steel threaded rods and nuts

The Project

  1. Taking out all the old trees and roots
  2. Removing cracked and broken concrete and sandstone
  3. Cast base 800mm x 800mm for pier as well as pier itself in 250mm PVC pipe.
  4. Cast new concrete slab 100mm thick
  5. Lay new sandstone
  6. Clean new and old sandstone
  7. Seal new and old sandstone
  8. Create base for artificial grass
  9. Repair and paint walls as well as pier
  10. Lay artificial grass
  11. Secure artificial grass
  12. Clean up last bit

The start


Although pretty now this area looks rather terrible during summer, our dry months in Cape Town. There is simply not enough water to maintain a garden. The pool is filled with rain water from the roof and covered to prevent evaporation.

The Process




This pier is not going anywhere. 800mm x 800mm concrete base around a 250mm pier.

The Result

I am very happy with the results and the artificial grass. We will still make the area look nice and less “empty”



The pool is still dirty but this will be clean within the next week or two. Ready for a dip in summer
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